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MediSend International Receives $300,000 Matching Grant from Dahan Family Foundation

Dallas, September 20, 2016--The Dahan Family Foundation has awarded a matching grant in support of MediSend's educational and humanitarian work to support and strengthen healthcare in developing countries. The grant promises to match donations and grants up to $300,000 until the end of 2016.

In 2005, Elisabeth and Rene Dahan donated Medisend's current facility, the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center, home to the organization's Biomedical Engineering Technology School and its International Distribution Center, a division of Medisend that distributes medical supplies and equipment to developing country hospitals in need, as well emergency aid in times of disaster.

The Dahans are not only longtime friends and benefactors of MediSend, but also invaluable mentors with an unwavering belief in MediSend's educational and humanitarian work.

Thanks to the Dahan Family Foundation, MediSend made significant contributions to the Ebola crisis, supports women and children's care in Liberia and Sierra Leone and, as a partner with the World Health Organization, is currently playing an important role in rebuilding Liberia's healthcare infrastructure. MediSend has trained biomedical technicians for hospitals throughout Africa and has recently partnered with GE El Seif (Saudi Arabia) to train technicians for hospitals in the Middle East. With the Dahans' ongoing support, MediSend is working with Jane Goodall to rebuild a hospital and deliver better health services in the area of Gombe National Park, Tanzania.

"The Dahan Family Foundation has made a difference in countless lives. Through the Dahan family's incredible generosity, men, women and children around the world have access to improved healthcare. In times of tragedy, their kindness has spread to families suffering from illness, natural disasters and strife," says Nick Hallack, President and CEO of MediSend, adding, "The Dahans have always been forward-looking, enabling MediSend to create and deliver programs with long-term sustainable outcomes for people in need."

MediSend, Liberia's Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization Partner to Help Rebuild Liberian Healthcare Infrastructure

Three Liberian biomedical technicians, sponsored by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, have graduated from the MediSend Biomedical Engineering Technology School and are returning home to Liberia as part of a healthcare reconstruction and strengthening plan following the devastating effects of the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

MediSend technicians Terry Bracewell and Dina Georgescu with Liberian technicians: Nyemah Muhlenburg, Peterson Greaves and Wymah Youyoubon (foreground)

Thanks to Dr. Bernice T. Dahn, Liberia's Minister of Health and a tireless advocate for healthcare improvement, Liberia is obtaining new medical equipment and skilled human resources. As part of a comprehensive national campaign, the technicians will play a major role in Liberia's healthcare support system. They will not only install, repair and maintain modern, life-saving diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, but will act as mentors and trainers, expanding services by elevating intern skills.

"I am grateful to the MediSend Biomedical Engineering Technology School for their partnership in providing education and professional skills training to our new biomedical technicians. They will be very instrumental in rebuilding and strengthening Liberia's healthcare system, through direct service and by implementation of our new 'internship' mentoring programs. We are looking forward to seeing them soon, and welcome their future invaluable support," says Dr. Dahn.

Read a recent press release.

Sodexo and Medisend Partner to Bring Biomedical Career Opportunities to Veterans

Unique public/private partnership supports the training and employment of students enrolled in the General Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Technology Program

Dave Francoeur, Sodexo Sr. Director of Brand and Quality and Steve Cannon, Sr. Vice President of Sodexo Clinical Technology Management, recently conducted a business communications and leadership seminar at MediSend.

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services and one of the largest healthcare technology management companies, is partnering with Medisend, a Dallas-based educational institute that provides critical education and training in healthcare technology management (HTM), to support the General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program in its capacity as an accelerated educational pathway to careers in the healthcare industry. Read more ...

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